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Since of its etablishment almost 20 years ago, Metron Hungary Kft. become a company with great range of experience at surface treatment scope of work.

Metron’s high quality and environmental – friendly spray booths are applied not only for the car industry, they also can be used in carpentry and furniture industry.

Our spraybooths are working all over Europe without any interruption. This fact also confirms the expertise of the Metron Group and the high and long lasting quality of our facilities.

Our aim is to produce cost-effective, but high quality technological equipment, for the ever increasing demands of the different industries.

Metron spray booths has been designed to could guarantee a reliable operation, less servicing needs and a technologicaly flawless work. The booths have a practical structural layout and a perfect use of space, as well as they according to the highest technological demands and environmental and safety work regulations.

The look and appearance of the Metron painting booths are imposing, decorative and modern.

The change between painting and drying is solved by a sluice controller. In this way significant energy savings can be achieved.

The control panel (PLC) is the most modern electronic device, simplifying its handling and providing precise application. The language of the controller can be programmed according to customers requirements.

Our products

Metron Athena

Metron Athena

with floor suction
Metron Athena

Metron Athena

with wall suction
Metron Megatron

Metron Megatron

industrial painting booth
Metron Met-box

Metron Met-box

Paint store
Metron Work Bay

Metron Work Bay

Preparing room



We build our cabins across Europe

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25 years
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Custom painting

Our company, the Metron Hungary Kft. undertakes in our new built paint shop at our plant the following:

The professional (high quality) painting of elements and workpieces of high quantity with solvent paint.

What we offer:

  • high quality work
  • qualified painter
  • operation of high quality equipment (spray and dry booths)
  • complete infrastructure
  • stable economic background
  • german, english and italian communication

We look forward to your inquiry!

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